Welcome to the NDSU Fishhook MOO

This project aims to construct a virtual, immersive, multi-user, spatially oriented, exploratory, "to the inch" simulation of the Fort Berthold and Like-A-Fishhook Village site complex. The reconstruction is based on archeological data and records of the site's excavation. The first version is text-based, with migration to a 3D graphical interface part of the project plan. Our goal is to create an active and educational space where visitors are engaged in goal-based tasks that promote exploration and problem-solving.

This is NOT intended to be a museum peice where people come to wander around and passively look at things. Visitors will be engaged in learning a) writing, or b) history, or c) anthroplogy, or d) archeology; later modules may incorporate elements of e) geology, or f) botany, or g) nutrition.

This site is constructed from the very excellent enCore Version 3.0

You are welcome to visit the Like-A-Fishhook Village project site.